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loftconversionAre you planning on converting the loft in your Manchester home? Loft conversions are quite tricky, especially if you do not have the expertise or the budget to push it through. Loft conversions take time and a lot of effort to finish. There are a few things you must know about loft conversions before you begin having.

This guide has been written to help the people of Manchester understand what is required before going ahead with a loft conversion.

Please read this post carefully and be sure you understand what a loft conversion can entail before making your decision.


How to Begin Planning For a Loft Conversion for your Manchester Home

Loft conversions take planning and new furniture that you must consider before beginning. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

Can your home handle the additional weight of a loft conversion?
A loft conversion will definitely add weight to your house. A loft conversion may only add a little weight to your house but you need to make sure that your house can take on the extra weight. You need to check the foundation and lintels that may need to carry extra weight once the loft conversion begins. Your building control officer will also check your home foundation and lintels to ensure that they can take on the extra weight. Dig a small hole to expose your foundation and lintels to determine if they are capable of carrying extra weight. Find out if your home foundations need extra underpinning to carry the extra weight, and fit these underpinnings into your budget if they are necessary.


Does your home have enough head height?

Another important aspect to consider when you plan a loft conversion is the head height of your home. Get a designer to determine the headroom you will have once the conversion begins and finishes. Most homeowners are disappointed in the headroom left once a loft conversion finishes. Remember that you must also consider the staircase that leads up to your newly converted loft. To maximize and use space efficiently the new staircase must be installed above the old one, avoid installing the new staircase from an existing bedroom.

Now that the loft has taken more roof space, your existing heat and water system may have to be replaced with a sealed system instead. Having an unvented hot water cylinder is better than a combination boiler.


What are the building regulations?

Before beginning your loft conversion, make sure to check the building regulations and have all necessary papers and schemes approved before hiring a builder. Getting an approved design makes things easier for you and your builder. With an approved design, you can get a fixed quotation from the builder you want to hire.


Do you need to alter your roof structure?

The structure of your roof may change once you convert your loft. Most roofs have support struts in the loft that prop up the purlin and rafters. The existing supports may have to be removed or reinforced once you start your loft conversion. In most cases, once you begin a loft conversion you would have to reinforce or add floor and/or ceiling joists. Stay in constant communication with your builder and designer to ensure that you meet the required standards for your loft conversion.


How will you install new loft stairs or improve an old one?

Designing loft stairs is quite tricky as space for them is hard to determine. Narrow winding stairs may seem like a good choice but are impractical. The staircase you build must be practical because you may have to move furniture up and down your loft once the conversion ends. Send a copy of the design to your building control officer to have it approved before construction begins. Consult with your builder on how to move forward and get the best possible design for the staircase you want built.

These are some of the questions you ask yourself when you plan loft conversions. It is best to know what you are getting yourself into before construction.


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